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ARCHITECTURE Let’s Sea Baltic Park

Cosy simplicity

When designing Let’s Sea Baltic Park, we used an unparalleled advantage of the absolute-waterfront location. The layout of the buildings has been thought out so that each resident can enjoy the view of the Polish sea. The modern and simple architecture gives elegance to the investment. White exterior walls are disrupted by wooden notes, and the terraces are surrounded by glazed balustrades. A bountiful of greenery in this housing estate combined with fascinating views of the sea create a simply perfect combination. The investment is planned in three stages. Under the first stage, 90 apartments will be built, whereas in the two subsequent stages, the investor is planning to construct 235 apartments and more than 100 hotel suites.

Baltic Sea right outside your windows

Nothing is more appealing than the melody of the crashing waves and a sandy beach that is literally with arm length. The layout of the buildings has been thought out so that each resident can enjoy the view of the Polish sea. Spacious windows will allow you to admire the seaside panorama, no matter what floor you are on. A view of the atmospheric sea waves and the sands of the Baltic beach, drenched in sunshine, will let you relax and unwind after a busy day.


A morning with coffee and a sea breeze, or an evening with a view to a scenic sunset. This is not just a movie scene any longer. At Let’s Sea Baltic Park, we have made every effort so that each resident can enjoy the view from their own apartment. What is more, ground floor apartments have their own private gardens, and terraces are available in the units situated on the highest floors. Apartments on all the remaining floors have balconies. Parking spaces can be found in an underground garage.


Everyone seeks a space adjusted to their needs. Let’s Sea Baltic Park is a place that will meet the residents’ expectations. The units have been designed to match the needs of single people, couples, and families. The four floors house residential units with a usable floor area of 35 to 66 sq.m., based on well-thought-out two- and three-room floor plans. We have also taken care to ensure that the interior of each apartment can be designed according to the resident’s own vision and ideas. We are also eager to lend a hand to those residents who do not have a vision of how to finish their apartment. We encourage them to use our dedicated offer of apartment finishes.


Despite the wealth of attractions in the vicinity of Let’s Sea Baltic Park, we have taken care to extend the available offer. Under the 2nd investment stage, we are planning to create resident-dedicated infrastructure in the area of the complex. Fitness-seekers are sure to appreciate the access to a sports zone with open-air gym machines. On hot days, the residents will be able to benefit from the access to an outdoor swimming pool. And for the youngest residents, a playground with a variety of attractions will be prepared.

The residents of the complex will also be able to use hotel conveniences (the 3rd investment stage concept), both business and leisure-related, on special terms. Comfortable conference rooms or the hotel’s restaurant are perfect places to meet. The hotel’s spa zone is a perfect place to relax and unwind with your soul mate. Under this stage, children’s meeting place will also be built – a dedicated games arcade and play area, and an indoor swimming pool.

Let`s connect HOW TO CONTACT US

Let`s Sea Baltic Park

ul. Nadbrzeżna
76-034 Gąski

Sales Office: 510 166 087
Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am to 2.00pm

Meeting at Sales Branches only after prior appointment by phone.