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Let`s discover About the investment

The enchanting azure blue of the Baltic Sea water and the sandy beach create a beautiful scenery that can greet you every morning while you are in your own apartment. Just opt for Let’s Sea Baltic Park – it is a perfect place for you!

Our unique complex will be erected in a place which combines the nearness of the nature and the comfort of living – Gąski municipality in the district of Gmina Mielno. All this to allow everyone to enjoy the beauty of the Baltic Sea without compromising the conveniences of a seaside resort.




That is right, we are one of the few investment projects at the Polish seacoast to boast an uninterrupted seaside landscape stretching out and visible from each apartment window.

Only 17 metres
away from the beach

An absolute-waterfront location means that the beach is within arm rearch. Our investment is not further than 17 metres away from the golden sand and the blue of the Baltic Sea.

apartments for all-year-round habitation

90 spacious, perfectly sunlit living units are a proposition for those who look for an apartment of their dreams, a second home or suite to rent.

A variety of
usable floor areas

The suites have been designed to match the needs of single people, couples, and families. We offer suites with a usable floor area of 35 to 66 square metres and well-thought-out two- and three-room floor plans.

for residents

The planned development of the complex includes the construction of a sports zone with outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a multi-purpose sports field, conference rooms, restaurant, spa, a playground and games and amusement arcade for the youngest.


W trosce o komfort mieszkańców teren inwestycji będzie ogrodzony i monitorowany, a nad bezpieczeństwem mieszkańców czuwać będzie profesjonalna ochrona.


Let’s Sea does not only offer apartments for all-year-round habitation, but it is also an excellent investment which combines owning your holiday home and generating income from its rental.

A transaction
you can rely on

All of the 1st investment stage units are residential units, which means that their sale is covered by protection ensured to the buyer by the Property Development Act (Ustawa Deweloperska).

Let`s connect HOW TO CONTACT US

Let`s Sea Baltic Park

ul. Nadbrzeżna
76-034 Gąski

Sales Office: 510 166 087
Opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am to 2.00pm

Meeting at Sales Branches only after prior appointment by phone.